Hello Neural Enthusiasts!

I have been interested in Artificial Intelligence ever since my college days. My graduates research project focused on Multi-Agent Systems (Distributed Artificial Intelligence). As AI was not very trendy at that time (I obtained my diploma in 1997), I spent most of my professional career in various areas such as systems, cybersecurity, networks, pro blogging and software engineering. However, my interest in AI has persisted throughout my journey. I started learning about classical NLP (Natural Language Processing) while working as a blogger. In April 2023, the trend towards Open Source LLM renewed my passion and I started learning how to develop text generation app using local models.

Since November 2023, I have been creating a domain-specific low hallucination app for my employer. My coworkers seem interested in developing their AI skills. However, they face an issue. There is a lot of information available online, but no source where they can learn quick steps on how to get started. This curiosity and the absence of step-by-step courses motivated me to launch this website as a platform to share my expertise on this topic.

Currently, I am developing my next course entitled “Jumpstart AI Coding: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up and Coding with Local Language Models.” The course will be highly practical, with minimal theory required. In addition, I plan on creating an advanced course for those who wish to understand deep down the inner workings of a neural network language model. Finally, I will continue posting casual blog posts on this website as well.

I don’t have any business goals with this site. I started making websites back in 1995 and after thirteen years of professional blogging, I feel like it’s time to reconnect with the joy of sharing knowledge for free. Therefore, all my courses on here are completely free of charge.