Hello Neural Explorers!

To complete this course, you will require a computer having NVIDIA graphics card and enough space to install Linux. It may be possible to modify the course to work on Windows using WSL but that’s not my area of expertise. I mostly use Windows for gaming so I don’t have much experience with doing serious things with it.

9GB VRAM is sufficient to run a 7B 4bits model. If you desire to understand how to train the model, you could do so on a system that features 14GB VRAM utilizing QLoRA methodology. However, to merge the QLoRA, you would require an even more powerful setup consisting of 18GB VRAM.

A machine with 24GB VRAM is a good choice if you want to be able to experiment everything in this course without limits. However, if your current computer isn’t powerful enough, you could also consider renting an on-demand instance on the cloud such as a V100S with 32GB VRAM at 0.8€ per hour (unsponsored link).